Strategic Planning Initiative

The CAA Academic Alliance embarked on a strategic planning initiative in Fall, 2022. Driven by Alliance membership growth and interest in expansion of programmatic initiatives, the Provosts’ Council participated in a Strategic Visioning session during the Spring, 2023 Council meeting. As next steps, the Council voted for the approval of the updated Alliance Mission Statement, while creating a strategic planning committee guided by several CAA Academic Alliance Provosts. 

Working throughout Summer, 2023, the strategic planning committee drafted the Alliance’s Vision Statement, Value Statements, and Core Values, which will be presented for discussion by the Council during their Fall, 2023 meeting. Once these updates have been fully approved by the Council, an updated Strategic Plan will be drafted to generate additional mission-driven programmatic initiatives for the Alliance, and presented for final approval during the Spring, 2024 Provosts Council meeting.


CAA Academic Alliance is an academic consortium that facilitates collaboration and communication across member institutions, engaging faculty, staff, and students in meaningful initiatives that enrich the academic environment, advance student success, and drive innovation and best practices in higher education.


CAA Academic Alliance will leverage the strength of its diversity to create a collective competitive advantage, enhancing academic and research outcomes for faculty, students and institutions.